Cheese/oreo Ogura Sponge Cake


Once the cake shrinks like this, you can easily dislodge it, invert and remove the pan


Cheese/oreo Ogura Sponge Cake

Ingredient A:

80g cream cheese
50ml Milk
50g butter
cream from 8 pieces of oreos biscuits

(Double boil ingredients A until smooth then set aside to cool slightly) IMG_1831

Ingredient B:

8 pieces oreo biscuits, finely grinded and top up with flour to make 80g
Egg yolk from 5 Large eggs
1 Whole egg IMG_1843

Ingredient C:

Egg white from 5 Large eggs
50g Castor sugar
1/4 tsp Tartar powder IMG_1850


1. Beat the egg white till frothy then add tartar, continue to beat until foamy then add sugar gradually, beating until  a firm but not stiff meringue forms.

2. Add in the egg and egg yolks to the warm cheese batter, one at a time. Mix well then quickly add the oreo/flour mixture and give it a few stirs. Don’t let this batter sit too long after the oreo/flour mixture has been added.

3. Add meringue into batter in 3 portions using a hand whisk and then change to spatula to scoop batter from the bottom and fold in to ensure even mixing of batter to meringue.

4. Pour the batter into a 7 or 8 inch square pan (I used an 8 inch this time), tapping gently to even out the top.

5. Steam bath method, bake at 140c for 55-60 minutes.

6. When it’s done, take out and cool on rack, inverted for 5 minutes and the revert back and continue cooling completely. Slice with a serrated knife. IMG_1852

Below is baked with Smeg oven at 150C for 70 minutes – too hot, cracked a bit. Steam bath method.  Next bake, reduce temperature to 140C for 80 minutes.

IMG_2352 IMG_2358 IMG_2359 IMG_2361 IMG_2364



  1. cendrine said

    lovely ogura cake, jeannie! love your bakes. 🙂


  2. abby cheng said

    Yummy and beautiful bakes.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Cecilia said

    Wow! Another beautiful Ogura! May I know the size of your large eggs? Thanks!


    • jeannietay said

      hi! It’s about 65g average


  4. Qz said

    Wat can i replace with if i do not hv cream cheese ?


  5. Fenny said

    Hi Jeannie,
    Thanks for the recipe,the cake so yummy.but Why my ogura always shrinks after baked?yours so smooth and in good shapes.hope you could help me..


    • jeannietay said

      Set your oven on high temperature, like 190C and bake for about 20 minutes until top is golden then lower temperature to 160 or 150 and continue baking. The idea is to build a thicker crust so it won’t crack. Make sure your cake is really cooked before removing from the oven. Press gently on the top if it springs back, and no loud squishing sound then it’s cooked. Wait 2-3 minutes then unmould.


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