Home-made Rice Wine


Some photos courtesy of Enne:D

Recipe source: EnneTy’s Mother in law (recorded on 8 June 2014)


(2kg rice ingredients in blue)

1 Pkt/about 10 pcs Wine Biscuit/ragi (5 pcs)
1 Bottle/640ml (256ml) White Rice Wine/Samsu Beras (of best quality e.g. by Bennison Distillery Sdn Bhd)
5 kg (2kg) Glutinous Rice (request for “old/aged” rice)
3 cups (1 cup) Cooled boiled water

A clay pot with cover and inside with smooth surface measuring 40” (h) x 12” (w)
A piece of muslin cloth to cover the opening of pot before placing the lid on.
A big tray to cool the cooked glutinous rice.


1) Cook glutinous rice (like normal rice) in electric rice cooker.

2) Transfer cooked glutinous rice onto a big tray to cool completely.

3) Pound/blend the wine biscuits till powdery.

4) Dust some wine biscuits powder over the entire inside surface of pot.

5) Use one hand to scoop and spread out some rice into the pot and the other hand (keep dry) to sprinkle wine biscuit powder over the rice. Alternate between rice and powder, layer by layer till all rice is transferred into pot. Wet your hand in the water for easy handling of rice. At the same time, we are transferring some of the water with the rice.

6) Rinse the hand used to handle rice with the remaining water into the pot. Mix a bit and press to level the rice.

7) Wrap the opening of pot with cloth and secured with string. Cover with lid and stand in a cool spot.

8) On 4th day of fermentation, add White Rice Wine. Close pot again and let rice continue to ferment for at least month. (Fiona’s recipe said 40 days). My first attempt under supervision was 50 days.

9) After fermentation is completed, strain wine over a sieve with big holes wire mesh or clean colander into a pot and bring to a boil. If you want a rice free wine, strain again using finer sieve. Watch over the pot and prevent overflowing. Add sugar (if necessary) and continue to boil till sugar is dissolved.

10) Cool wine and bottle.


Cooking glutinous rice…


Cool completely before use


Get a good quality rice wine


These are the fermenting biscuits (ragi)


Wet one hand and start the layering, some ragi powder, rice then ragi powder to cover rice and repeat


Place a piece of cloth over the top before screwing on the cover….now wait for 4 days before adding rice wine


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