Dining with Roses from Corelle

IMG_7079 As a working mother,  I try my best to provide home cooked food no matter how late I am in getting home. To me, dinner time is family time for catching up with each other at the end of the day. After I am done making dinner, I love to serve my dishes in pretty dinnerware which somehow makes a meal even more pleasant. I have been using the casserole set from Corningware to do my cooking for more than 20 years and it is still in very good condition.  I really love how versatile it is to cook with the Corningware cookware. I can just cook and serve my food directly from it! No extra serving dishes to wash!:D And leftovers can be stored and reheated in microwave oven without having to transfer to another vessel as Corningware cookware are microwave oven and dishwasher safe as well.

This is my first set of Corningware

This is my first set of Corningware


My Blueberries Sponge cake match perfectly with the Rosabelle dessert plate:)

One interesting fact about Corelle dinnerware is whilst the base glass is manufactured in USA, the Asia designs are applied at World Kitchen’s Malaysia decorating plant. The special application method fuses the patterns into the base glass. The designs are therefore long lasting and will not fade, even after years of use. Recently, I was presented with the opportunity to test and review Corelle’s dinner plates and a casserole from Corningware. Corelle is a household name in the kitchenware industry worldwide and is definitely popular among Malaysian households. For those of you who are not in the scene, Corelle and Corningware are under the World Kitchen umbrella, an American kitchenware products maker and distributor. Corelle is their leading dishware while Corningware is their cookware line. Today, more than 140 different Corelle patterns are available in Malaysia, many specifically designed to meet the growing Asian taste and demands. As part of their 45th anniversary this year, Corelle celebrates its long lasting beauty and durability. Earlier this month, the Corelle unveiled their brand new collection, perfectly named Rosabelle. Its name is inspired by French words, Rosa meaning Rose and Belle meaning beautiful. Here are a couple of up-close shots of the product. The designed rose pattern looks very lifelike due to its reflective pinkish petal. If you look closely there is an orange coloured rose, based on the real-life flower, Apricot rose. The design is really pretty and gives a feel of Victorian times. I can easily imagine myself in that era, sipping tea from the pretty dainty cup and enjoying a piece of soft fluffy cake in the garden:)


Vanilla swissroll with kaya filling, so yummy and simple to make!

The Pandan Ogura matches perfectly with the plate don't you think? :)

The Pandan Ogura matches perfectly with the plate don’t you think? 🙂

IMG_7078 IMG_7077 Its durability is due to its unique sandwich construction which bonds together three layers of special glass materials. The result is lightweight dinnerware that resists breaking, cracking, chipping, and permanent staining. It is super thin and can be stacked easily, saving valuable space in your home especially for those who has limited space. As you can see, I have already started using the new plates to serve my favorite cakes to the family. You can even allow your little ones to hold the plate due to its lightweight and resistance to breaking.  You can enjoy these lovely dinnerware for years as the designs are non-fading and timeless! I can’t wait to bring it out for my friends and other guests; I love my gorgeous Rosabelle plates and I am sure you will love too! If you are planning to get this Rosabelle as a gift for your loved ones, it is available at leading departmental stores like AEON, Jusco. Don’t forget to LIKE and follow World Kitchen on Facebook for product updates, promos, and tips on cooking and kitchenware care. #CorelleMalaysia.

IMG_7955 IMG_7957 IMG_7958 IMG_7959


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