Soft Dinner Rolls – Recipe shared by Daniel Leong

I divide mine into 55g rolls

I used 400g Bread Flour + 200g All Purpose flour; I divide mine into 55g rolls, using bread machine to knead and proof.





  1. Kathy said

    Is the butter melted or soft? thanks


    • jeannietay said



      • Kathy said

        Thank you . I made them and my oh my are they delicious. So light and fluffy and they lasted a few days without getting dry and hard. My kitchenaid mixer quit working so I used my bread machines dough cycle twice. Once before adding the butter and once after.I was wondering at first because of how greasy the butter made if it would combine well but it did and was a nice soft dough.. I rose it in the oven. Will be my go to recipe for rolls.I have tried so many other roll recipes and this one stands up at the top. I think I might try making hamburger buns from the recipe.

        Thanks for this wonderful recipe. Looking forward to trying some of your others.


  2. Kathy said

    Sorry to bother you again but I think I made a mistake when making them. I used the egg called for in the dough then also used another egg to brush the tops. Was I supposed to put the egg in the dough?

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    • jeannietay said

      You only need to put the one listed in the ingredients. The one for egg wash is not added into the dough. You have already shaped and proofed it for baking, so how to add in anymore? Conclusion, you did it correctly. Any remaining egg from the egg wash is thrown.


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