Light Fruit Cake


This recipe is adapted from Lucinda Lau’s Recipe

Original can be seen here


300gm mixed fruits of your choice (I used 100g premix, 50g each of red and green cherries and a few pieces of crystalized ginger and a handful of cranberries) – soaked these overnight in 3 tablespoons of dark rum or other alcohol or orange juice if you can’t take alcohol)
230gms plain flour
60gms self raising flour
230gm butter
100gms light brown sugar
70g castor sugar
1 tbsp dark jam or marmalade (I used strawberry jam)
4 eggs
2 tsps vanilla extract
Zest from one orange or lemon


Prepare a 7″ square tin by lining the bottom. Prepare an 8″ square tin and some paper wrapped in aluminium foil for inserting between the tins.
Cream butter and sugars till light and creamy before adding jam and vanilla extract. Blend in properly before adding eggs slowly. I usually beat all the eggs together and slowly pour into the running mixer.
Add in flour and fruit mixture alternatively, starting and ending with flour until both are used. Place mixture into the prepared 7″inch square tin. Put the baking tin into the 8″ square and insert aluminium foil between the two tin. This is to minimize the crack on the cake.
Bake the cake at 160C for 1 hour or more depending on your oven until cooked. Removed and allow to cool on rack.