Walnut Butter Sponge Cake



Walnut Butter Sponge Cake – adapted from Enne Ty’s Almond version
Yields a 6″ square/7″ round cake

3 yolks (65g eggs with shell)
20g castor sugar
113g Butter, melted n cooled
1 tsp Vanilla Extract
3 egg whites
70g castor sugar
1/4 tsp cream of tartar
70g Plain flour
56g Walnuts, roasted and blend finely
1/2 tsp Clabber Girl Double Acting Baking Powder


Line the bottom of a 6″ square pan. Preheat oven to 160C.

Whisk yolks and sugar from A till fluffy. Add melted butter, and vanilla extract. Set aside.

Whisk egg whites in B until frothy before adding cream of tartar and continue to whisk, while gradually adding sugar, till firm peaks.

Sift flour into mixture A and mix. Add in blended walnut. Batter will be sticky at this stage. Add 1/3 meringue to loosen the gluten. Continue to fold in the remaining meringue 1/3 at a time. Pour into baking pan slowly from a height to break large bubbles. Shake gently from side to side to level the batter.

Baked at 160 degrees at lowest rack for 50-60 minutes or till golden brown. Test with a skewer for doneness before removing from oven to cool slightly. THen unmould and continue to cool on rack.





  1. Anna Chieng said

    You mean walnut rather than almond

    Sent from my iPhone



    • jeannietay said

      yes indeed, I adapted it from the Almond recipe


  2. Iris said

    Walnut Butter Sponge Cake. Can I use Cake flour instead of Plain flour? Is Cake flour supposed to make the cake lighter?


    • jeannietay said

      yes you can replace with cake flour. I have used both and can’t see any significant differences.


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