Strawberry jelly cheesecake



Strawberry jelly cake shared by YeoSH (FB group member)

8″ sq pan
170g digestive biscuit
85g butter

250g cream cheese
70g (1/3 cup) sugar
juice from half a lemon (optional)
1 tsp vanilla essence
2 tsp gelatin
150 ml hot water

90g strawberry flavor crystal jelly
180ml hot water
220ml cold water
Strawberries for decoration


1. Melt butter in microwave or use a double boiler method. Set aside.
2. Crush digestive biscuits until fine.
3. Add in the cooled melted butter into crushed biscuits.
4. Stir to mix thoroughly then transfer into pan and press biscuit firmly to the bottom of tray. Keep in freezer to chill while you prepare the next step.
6. Prepare yr strawberries, cut the top to make it look like heart shape.

Cheese layer:

1.Put the cream cheese in mixer then put in sugar n vanilla essence n mixed till smooth
2. Dissolve gelatin with 150ml hot water stir till dissolved put aside to cool.
3. Pour in gelatine solution and lemon juice, if using, into cream cheese mixture. Mixed in well.
4. Pour the mixture onto the biscuits layer and arrange the heart shape strawberries on top. (Note: I put it into the freezer for a few minutes before placing the strawberries on top to prevent it sinking to the bottom.)
5. Cool it in the fridge for at least 4 hours.

Jelly layer:

Add 180ml of hot water into the jelly mixture and stir until fully dissolved before adding 120ml cold water and stir to combine.
Add in jelly on top of cheese layer and put the cake into the fridge to set before slicing.





  1. hello jeannie, can i know why my final product the jelly turns out to look so milky. can’t see the strawberry like yours. 😦 isit bc the cream cheese melted when i pour the jelly mix? the jelly mix also look lumpy.


    • jeannietay said

      You have to wait till cream cheese has chilled a bit before slowly adding the jell on top. Be gentle, use a ladle to slowly pour it in.Jelly must still be hot.


      • hmmm. maybe bc i pour the whole jelly mix into the cream cheese mix without using any spoon or ladle. but after adding the cold water into the hot water, the jelly mix won’t be that hot already i thought? nvm, i will try again. 🙂

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