Layered Kuih II


Kuih Lapis (Layered kuih)


180g of rice flour
120g of tapioca flour

150g bluepea juice
150g water

450g coconut milk (I used the packet ones, buy fresh if you can)
200g sugar (can add more if prefer sweeter)
1/2 tsp salt
pandan leaves (knotted)

2 drops of blue for the final top layer


1.Gently heat 450g coconut milk with sugar, salt and pandan leaves until sugar dissolved. Discard the leaves, and cool the syrup then add in flour to mix until smooth. Strain and divide into two portions.

2.Mix each bowl of flour with water and bluepea juice respectively.

3.Divide each flavors into 4 bowls each (combined total of 4 bowls – each bowl about 154g). Remember to stir well before adding each bowl into the pan to steam as tapioca and rice flour tend to sink to the bottom when resting.

4.Grease a 7″ square pan and steam in the steamer for a few minutes then pour in the first white layer and steam for 3 minutes with medium heat. Add a portion of blue batter on top of the white layer and steam another 3 minutes.

5.Repeat with all the remaining 6 bowls and steam for 5-7 minutes each (as the kuih gets thicker with each layer, you’ll need to steam it longer in order to cook it). Add the blue colouring for the final blue layer for a more aesthetic look; otherwise, omit it.

6. Remove from steamer and cool completely before slicing with a plastic knife.



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