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  1. Teoh Bee Fang

    Dear Jeannie,

    may I ask you about your expertise on the cream for cake decoration.

    I need some advice on how to beat the whipping cream to the desired consistency for cake decoration. I have done this before and it turn out to be easily melt and cannot hold the shape of piping.

    I used the anchor brand whipping cream.

    May I know when should I know that the stage of the readiness of the cream before it turn curdle?

    Should I beat the cream until it double the amount that I initially put in?


    • jeannietay


      I am not an expert in frosting as you can see from my few efforts. I am told that you beat until it’s almost firm that you slow down and give it a few whisk manually. It is easier to control the firmness if you use a hand held beater as you can stop it to check every now and then.

      Hope it helps.


    • jeannietay

      Hi Bee Fang,

      I did reply to you didn’t I? However, I can’t see my reply here so I am replying again. I am also not very good at making frosting so I really can’t advise on this point. What I read is you beat to firm peaks using a hand held electric whisk. If it’s still not firm enough, just whisk by hand from there for easier control.


  2. Lil

    Hi Jeannie.
    All your cakes look delicious and perfect!
    I made the pandan sponge cake today using your recipe, but can you please from experience why it cracks and deflate once it is cool even if put upside down?
    I followed your instructions to bake it at 190 degrees for 15min in water bath. However, I realized the top was cracking already after 10min so than turned it down to 45min until it was cooked.
    Although it didn’t look as perfect as yours, it was sooo delicious. Any tips and tricks would be much appreciated.

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    • jeannietay

      Hi Lil, if you are baking it at low temperature, an hour is not enough to cook the cake. Increase the baking time, test for doneness by pressing lightly on the top of the cake. If squishing then increase baking time.


  3. Matt

    Hi, stumbled upon your blog while trying to learn about different types of cake and there origin and history etc (very complicated, especially when you account for the UK/US naming variations) but found your recipes helped me learn more and fill in the gaps!

    I have been trying to understand ratios of different types of cakes and the science behind them as I am trying to make the perfect sponge cake made from Oat Flour (with a decent amount of success) but want to understand a few things further…

    – Oat flour has no gluten so would this prevent some rise or cause other issues?

    – What ratio of Baking powder or soda per 100g of oat flour would be sufficient and which would be better, BP or BS with an acidic component?

    – Would there be any advantages to oat flour in cakes if it was mixed with x amount of corn flour (starch) such as white wheat flour is to create cake flour?

    You look to be very knowledgable in baking so hopefully you know the answer to some of these questions I’m struggling with lol.

    Thanks again for all the great recipes. Regards. Matt

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    • jeannietay

      Hi Matt, I have tried to replace 10%-20% oat flour in my breads with much success but not using 100% oat flour. I don’t think you can get the same texture? Perhaps you might want to look at gluten free recipes for 100% oat flour. Try 2.5 tsp baking powder for a cup of oat flour and soda if recipe requested for it. Replacing with corn flour won’t do much difference as corn flour is also gluten free. I think you might need to add xantham gum as the binding agent. Would love to know the outcome of your experiment:D


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